About Castle Wall
Castle Wall Productions is a theatrical combat troupe specializing in live-steel entertainment, portraying many characters, fictional and historical; we are based in Denver Colorado but travel upon request. We perform at several different types of venues, including themed fairs, festivals, schools, weddings, and various other social functions. Our shows can be performed in a variety of locations, whether indoors, outdoors, on grass, pavement, or stage.

Our shows typically run between 40 minutes to one hour in length, including an interactive behind the scenes look at our fighting technique , a complete "in-character" tournament that spans two days where the audience becomes part of the show, a sleeker 45 min version of the tournament, an un-choreographed free form show, a fast and furious fight only show, a fantasy show with characters from the imagination and popular culture or an educational three part interactive class which ends with the children being knighted. Operating in full capacity, Castle Wall Productions maintains wandering characters throughout a given venue, interacting with both the patrons and each other all in character. We perform a total of six shows for any given weekend.

Our mainstay show portrayal is a mix of several legends, books, and films, with characters not only from popular folklore, but also real historical figures, and a few original additions all in character. The central story is the age-old fight between the outlaw Robin Hood and the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham, all set within Prince John’s Coronation Tournament including such characters as the Lady Marion, the dark Ranora, Black Knight, Little John, Guy of Gisbourne, and Alan-a-Dale. In addition, the story of Ivanhoe and his arch-nemesis Brian de Bois Gilbert unfolds as the two struggle over Lady Rowena and Lady Rebecca. Many other characters wage their own personal battles, as their allegiances to the Norman or Saxon sides become apparent as do the audience. Good and Evil lock in mortal combat, in the no-holds- barred battle that is Castle Wall Productions.

Our demonstration show Showcase In Steel is an interactive “DVD extra” on the weapons used from the age, techniques in stage and real fighting and a little primer for the days shows. The Melee Combat show is a fast paced fight extravaganza with the highlight being the combat itself dawn from a repertoire of fights from all of the shows and some new ones for this show only it focuses on the sword play our audiences have come to love. The Fantasy Show which showcases our members’ talents and creativity in character creation with their own characters drawn from ancient to steampunk and everything in between, all served with a nice portion of combat. The Knights Academy is three single hour long adventures split between the days of the event. The first is a armor and combat training where the children (some young of heart only) don armor and grab a waster (wooden sword) can fight one of armored knights. They learn about the armor and weapons of the time and what it was to be a squire The second hour is an arts and crafts section where they will learn about heraldry and and then create their own heraldic device. The third hour is a class with King Richard on what it is to be a Lord and Lady and Chivalry, and courtly etiquette, all cumulating in a Grand Knighting Ceremony .