Frequently Asked Questions
What is Castle Wall Productions?
Castle Wall Productions (CWP) is a theatrical combat troupe. We are a live steel choreographed acting group that travels to venues and puts on several types of shows. We also do unchoreographed fighting as well.

Is it safe?
We stress safety and control in all that we do. Our members train over 200 hours per year.

Are your weapons real?
Yes. The weapons are real steel, though they are not sharpened to a razor’s edge.

What kind of shows do you do?
CWP Primarily focuses on a Robin Hood show. WE also do a fantasy show and a ‘Behind-the-scenes’ demo show. We occasionally tailor our shows for special events.

Do I need to bring anything?
Yes! Yourself, gloves, a water bottle, and close-toed shoes. We will provide the rest!

How do I join?
Come to one of our practices at Mission Viejo Park. We practice most Sundays from 11-4 or call one of our senior officers.

Can anyone join?
Yes, but members under 17 must join with a parent

If I join, do I have to fight?
No. CWP has opportunities for everyone. We have support cast, much like theater techs, who help us.

Does it cost anything?
Like most troupes of this caliber, we do charge a one time fee of $100.00. This is good for as long as you are an active member in the group.

What is the commitment level if I were to join?
CWP Asks for a one year commitment. The year starts when you join till November and goes through October, though you can join at any time and we’ll make you apart of the show no matter when you join! We just ask that you attend your required practices and all shows. Practices are every Sunday and you can choose to attend anywhere from once a week to once a month as a performer, possibly less if you are auxiliary or support.

How do I join?
Come to one of our practices at Mission Viejo Park, Urban Acrobatics, and or call one of our Senior Officers at contact@castlewallprodscom
or call us: Veronica @ 720-288-1731, Beth @ 720-545-8929, Nate @ 303-720-8067