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Sioux City, Iowa 2009
Would you like to be a part of the premier live steel theatrical combat troupe in Colorado? Would you like to fight, die, and live to fight another day? Who would you side with; the forces of the tyrannical Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, or the defiant and noble Robin Hood and the chivalrous knight Ivanhoe?

Castle Wall Productions has members that are male and female from age nine and above (our current oldest member is 72). Castle Wall Productions welcomes members from any background, talent, ethnicity, religion, and level of skill. Members can choose between multiple participation levels, such as full time, swing shift, auxiliary, or extra, depending on time available, and desire to fight and/or act. In addition, non-fighting support members assist with a variety of tasks, such as photography, web management, sales/marketing, and other such tasks. We train our members in theatrical choreographed combat with safety as the prime concern. Several of our weapon forms include English broadsword, axe, heavy weapons, short sword, dagger, staff, spear, shield, hand to hand, and stunts, both in and out of several types of armor. Our combat trainers are Castle Wall Certified in their respective areas of expertise and strive to train our members in the best possible live theatrical combat east of Hollywood.

Castle Wall Productions produces most of its own gear, and as such its members also have the ability to learn several medieval non-combative "lost arts" such as chain weaving, leather working, and several sewing techniques. As always, participation is on a volunteer basis, but strongly encouraged, as the contributions of our members are essential in order to create and maintain the equipment we need. Castle Wall also welcomes your particular talents, as we have a merchandising, public relations, and a fully certified medical team.

Our group’s fighting members have the opportunity to join at different levels meeting one, two, three or every Sunday. The group meets at Mission Viejo Park (3800 S Mission Pkwy Aurora CO. 92691) Sunday 10:45AM-3:00PM, for inclement weather we meet at Urban Acrobatics (720 W84 Ave. Thornton CO. 80221) Sunday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. All members also meet one time a month usually on a Saturday to work on armor weapons or props or for their specific area of expertise.

Currently our main performances venues include the following:
  • Galaxy Fest
  • Wasabi Anime Land
  • Colorado Tartan Day
  • Colorado Medieval Festival
  • Denver Comic Con
  • Elizabeth Celtic Festival
  • Highlands Ranch Scottish Games
  • Sioux City Riverssance
  • Zack Elementary School
  • Cinnabar Movie Theater

Past performances have included:
  • Conoco Commercial
  • Epona Fantasy Festival
  • 2010 Wheelchair Games
  • DIY Disaster House
  • Ft. Collins Library Movie Night
  • OPUS Fantasy Arts Festival
  • Cherokee Strip Renaissance Festival (Arkansas City, KS)
  • Farmington Renaissance Festival (Farmington NM)
  • Cancer Camp
  • FAMR/RRCC Fantasy Revel
  • Sterling Fair (Sterling CO)
  • Shakespeare Festival (Boulder CO.)
  • Black Forest Ren Faire

We do a number of other events throughout the season, such as birthday parties, demonstrations for the Boy Scouts of America, weddings, parades, company picnics, ethnic diversity gatherings, community service events, and church events.
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